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Beware of Splatoon 3 spoilers – campaign cutscenes and boss fights have leaked online – Effinate Games

Nintendo can’t catch a break, it seems. Much like what happened with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 earlier this year, it looks like another store has broken the street date as Splatoon 3 leaks have appeared online. The account, which first appeared on the @Splatoon3Leaks Twitter account, has been posting footage such as cutscenes from the game’s campaign and even boss battles on September 3rd. The footage, which was originally only on Twitter, has now been posted on YouTube, meaning players can expect to see it reposted, especially if Nintendo looks to remove the videos.

The account also claimed that cracked files of the game have appeared online, but according to the Twitter account, the one they tried to download was fake. However, it is very possible that legitimate files of the game are out there.

For gamers who want to stay completely spoiler-free, luckily there are a few ways you can try to keep spoilers off your social media feeds. For example, if you’ve watched a lot of Splatoon content on YouTube, it’s likely that you’ll be recommended Splatoon 3 content, so the chances of the leak showing up in your recommended feed will be pretty high. Your best bet would be to avoid that site altogether or to install plug-ins that can remove recommended videos from being shown to you. Plug-ins like Unhook for Chrome will do the job.

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you can block any mention of Splatoon 3 from appearing on your timeline by blocking keywords and hashtags. To do this, you can go to your Settings and then Privacy and Security. From there, go to Mute and block. You can block keywords like Splatoon 3, any of the characters’ names, and even the Splatoon 3 hashtag from anyone you don’t follow or everyone.

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