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Best Kartana Raid Counters in 2022 – Effinate Games

We prepared the best Kartana Raid Counters in 2022 as Test your Mettle Event is here. This is the second event during the Season of Light and introduces two steel Ultra Beasts and a Mega Steel type. During the event, Steel type Pokemon will spawn in abundance. The event will also introduce Roly-Poly Pokemon Enter Togedemaru Pokemon Go.

From September 13th until September 27th, Celesteela and Kartan will appear in legendary raids. As this is their first appearance in Legendary raids, their shiny variation will not be available. Kartana will only be available in the Northern Hemisphere, while Celesteela will appear in the Southern Hemisphere. Mega Aggron will start spawning on September 16th and will be available until September 27th.

Earlier today we covered the best Celesteela and Mega Aggron raid counters Pokemon Gonow let’s discuss the best counters for the Kartana raid

Kartana Raid Stats

  • Kartana is a grass, steel-type Pokemon.
  • It is weak to fighting and (2x) fire type moves.
  • Kartana’s Raid CP is 58,102
  • Kartana’s Base HP is 139
  • Its attack is 323 and defense is 182
  • Base catch CP is between 2010 and 2101
  • Boosted Catch CP is between 2512 and 2626
  • It is weather enhanced by snowy weather or sunny weather
  • Its quick move can be Air Slash or Razor Leaf
  • Its charged moves can be Blade, X-Scissor, Night Slash, or Aerial Ace

Kartana raid counters

Going into the Kartana Raid, trainers will need a strong defensive team Pokemon with type effective features. Overall, Kartana is one of the heavy hitting Ultra Beasts; it’s not as much of a glass cannon as Pheromosa.

Fortunately, it is easy to remove due to its vulnerabilities. The raid can easily be completed by a team of 2 to 4 trainers; a team of 4 to 8 trainers can take it down faster and a team of 8 to 20 trainers can burn through it giving a better completion bonus.

User Mega Pokemon such as Mega Charizard, Mega Houndoom or Mega Lopunny will make the fight much easier for most trainers. Ultimately you will use either fire or combat type Pokemon. Be careful because the raid can be difficult if you use most types of Pokemon; it is resistant to poison, normal, rock, steel, water, electric, psychic, dragon, fairy, or grass-type Pokemon.

Here are the best counters to beat the raid. Some of these recommendations can be replaced Pokemon with type advantage or a better move set.


  • Mega Charizard X/Y – Fire Spin & Blast Burn
  • Reshiram – Fire Catch & Overheat
  • Darmanitan – Fire Fang & Overheat
  • Moltres – Fire Spin & Overheat
  • Blaziken – FIre Spin & Blast Burn
  • Entei – Fire Fang & Overheat

Brand substitutes:

  • Mega Houndoom – Fire Fang & Flamethrower
  • Chandelure – Fire Spin & Overheat
  • Ho-Oh – Burnt and Holy Fire
  • Heatran – Fire Spin & Flamethrower
  • Mag Mortar – Fire Spin & Fire Punch
  • Arcanine – Firecatcher and flamethrower
  • Infernape – Fire Spin – Blast Burn
  • Emboar – Ember & Blast Burn
  • Typhlosion – glow and explosive burning
  • Salamance – Fire Fang & Blast Burn
  • Delphox – Fire Spin & Fire Blast
  • Rapidash – Fire Spin & Fire Blast
  • Heatmor – Fire Spin & Flamethrower
  • Simisear – Fire Spin & Flamethrower
  • Victini – Confusion and overheating
  • Flareon – Fire Spin & Overheat
  • Camerupt – glow and overheating
  • Incinerator – Fire Fang & Fire Blast
  • Ninetails – Fire Spin & Overheat
  • Torkal – Fire Spin & Overheat

Fighting alternatives

  • Lucario – Counter and Orb of Aura
  • Conkeldurr – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Mega Lopunny – Low Kick & Focus Blast
  • Machamp – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Breloom – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Meloetta (Pirouette) – Low Kick & Close Combat
  • Sirfetch’d – Counter and Melee
  • Heracross – Counter and Melee
  • Toxicroak – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Sawk – Low Kick & Focus Blast
  • Primeape – Counter and Melee

Remember Shadow Bonuses

Keep in mind that Shadow versions of some of these Pokemon can be more effective.

Let us know!

Want to try grinding Celesteela and Kartana Raid? Or will you be focusing on the Mega Aggron raids coming to Pokemon Go on September 16th?

Further Pokemon Go news or raid guides, check our Pokemon Go section.

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Pokemon Go was developed by The Pokémon Company and is available now on iOS and Android.

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