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Behaviour Interactive finally takes initiatives against prevalent cheating in Dead by Daylight – Effinate Games

In a new blog post from studio Behavior Interactive, the Dead by Daylight developers have finally addressed the prevalent cheating issues that have plagued their servers for years. After Otzdarva’s latest video detailing his recurring experiences with stream snipers and cheaters, it seems that Behavior Interactive has had no choice but to inform the Dead by Daylight community of their action plan on how to deal with the unwelcome and widespread presence of cheaters in the game.

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Behavior Interactive’s forum post, simply titled “Cheat Update,” lays out a roadmap for how the developers will address cheating from now through 2023 and beyond. The studio’s main action includes automatic and manual bans for players who abuse in-game cheats. Working with their anti-cheat partner, Easy Anti-Cheat, their account will be automatically banned if the program detects a user using cheat software. In contrast, manual bans will be based on player reports to manually block cheaters using software not detected by the anti-cheat program.

In addition, in-game countermeasures will also be added to both the game client and dedicated servers to reduce the impact of troublesome hackers on the overall player experience. Because content creators and streamers are often the targets of these exploits, Behavior Interactive’s first countermeasure, scheduled for release this fall, is designed to prevent player stealth — in other words, targeting a specific player and forcefully joining their lobby .

Additional actions going forward include bug fixes for commonly exploited parts of the game, implementation of server-side validation, and improvements to both player support tools and the in-game reporting system. Although cheating is now being addressed by the developers, Behavior Interactive still recommends actively using the in-game cheat system to promote a healthy and enjoyable experience for all Dead by Daylight players.

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