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Beat Blitz, a new rhythm-based platformer from a one-man indie studio, launches late next month – Effinate Games

Courtesy of indie studio Basic goods, a brand new rhythm game reminiscent of some old classics, titled Beat Blitz, launches for Android and iOS on October 24. This charming little indie title will see you take on gauntlets full of obstacles and challenging terrain, dodging hazards while also aiming to keep the beat to collect orbs in time with the music.

Immediately Beat Blitz reminded me of a really old Xbox 360 arcade original indie game called, very simply, The impossible game. The vibes are pretty similar in the sense that you control a small geometric shape making its way across an equally small stage full of neon colors and tough obstacles.

Where Beat Blitz differs from the standard obstacle course runner that is The Impossible Game is its rhythm-based mechanics. This is a one-finger game that’s pretty simple at its core, as all you have to do is tap your screen to make your shape jump. To spice this up, there are orbs placed around the stage between bouts of obstacles, constantly forcing you to the right of the screen, which you have to time your jumps to collect.

On top of that, you also have to do it in time with the music, otherwise your score will be lower, as will your multiplier to increase the score even more. This makes for an interesting combination of a somewhat endless-runner adjacent playstyle along with some cool rhythm mechanics mixed with reflex-based obstacle understanding. All in all, it provides a quite unique little collection of different gameplay.

To top it off, Beat Blitz also has a pretty sick soundtrack with pulsating beats and some catchy EDM-based earworms that will keep you fully engaged in the gameplay. Add this with the neon-drenched visual style of the stages you’ll play through, and you’ve got a pretty smart simple, but hard to master, indie rhythm game.

Currently, Beat Blitz does not have its store pages for the App Store or Google Play, but you can tune in at Bassware Games’ Twitter account for more updates, screenshots and trailers!

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