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Azur Lane’s latest event, Violet Tempest, Blooming Lycoris, is now live introduces the Sakura Empire – Effinate Games

Yostar is hosting a new event in their mobile fleet shooter called Violet Tempest, Blooming Lycoris, which introduces the new Sakura Empire. The story begins with an invitation to a simple game of chess, which evolves to reveal a new Yamato Class Battleship – Musashi, four more shipmaids, outfits, gear skins and other items in the store.

Violet Tempest, Blooming Lycoris on Azur Lane will be available between September 15th and October 5th. It will also feature a quick training campaign that will grant access to skill books and 20 wisdom cubes just by logging in. Players can complete ten classes quickly by using these skill boosts on the tactical class each day. In addition, a special login campaign will also be held, which will give everyone a ton of rewards.

Even the Port Eating Contest returns. Players can enjoy the replay and participate in the mini-games to collect seven icons to earn Yuudachi’s retrofit item called Eau de Barbeque. There are more elements like a limited portrait frame – Violet Lightning Storm with Pt from clearing event stages with Jintsuu, Suzutsuki, Kongou or Kawakaze also in play.

The introduction of Sakura Empire also brings lots of new characters. Featured is the Ultra Rare Musashi, a Yamato Class battleship. It is capable of firing a special barrage that also has a high crit rate. The ship has several skills to further boost its combat capabilities. The other shipgirls include two Super Rare ships – Wakatsuki and Sakawa, and two Elite ships – Haguro and Miyuki.


And like any event, the event store will be full of items for you to purchase. Players will be able to find the Sakawa – The Colors of Love L2D outfit, Manjuu Academy Festival furniture set, Violet Moonglow and Slapdash Blue Sparrow costumes, and certain returning items.

Explore the Sakura Empire by downloading Azur Lane for free by clicking on one of the links below.

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