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Arknight’s latest update introduces Season 8 of the Contingency Contract – Operation Dawnseeker – Effinate Games

It’s been one story event after another on Arknights since the A Light Spark in Darkness event recently ended. Yostar has now announced the launch of season eight of the strategic mobile RPG’s contingency contract, which follows season seven’s Operation Pine Soot. The current event has been titled Dawnseeker and presents players with a visibility issue caused by certain special environmental effects. And as with any update, the item shop will feature a new outfit and furniture set, with some returning ones as well.

Dawnseeker is already live for players and will be available until September 13th. Contingency Contract Season Eight’s permanent location is the Kazimierz Grand Knight Territory Bar District, where players will be faced with a difficult challenge as the enemies are invisible. Combat becomes difficult because units cannot be placed within the range of invisibility and enemy units cannot be targeted. Although these battles will be quite tough, the satisfaction of completing them will be much greater.

Players will battle against some big names as well as take on The Candle Knight Viviana, Nightzmora Follower and The Last Kheshing, Tola and numerous other enemies. To help them in battle, the Knight’s Trophy will be used to tackle the visibility issue. It will make it easier to visualize the opponents so that they can be defeated, but choosing the right group of operators and using unique strategies will be crucial.

The update also introduces the Glen Sonata outfit for Asbestos in the Contingency Contract shop, which is available for free. Participants can also grab the Dawnseeker Pennant along with the Operation Dawnseeker Engraved Medal Set. Cardigan’s Cheerful Guardian also returns. To top it off, a lot of resources like Epic Specialist & Supporter Tokens, Polymerization Preparations, Module Data Blocks, Optimized Devices, LMDs, Tactical Battle Records and Furniture Parts will also be available.

Begin Operation Dawnseeker by downloading Arknights now for free.

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