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Ark Legends has launched its Closed Beta Test with new story chapters, combat mechanics and more – Effinate Games

Melting Games has just begun a closed beta test for Ark Legends, an upcoming RPG with 3D visuals and more than 500 heroes to collect. After opening its CBT on August 30, players can get first dibs on the title as they dive into the game’s fantasy world on iOS and Android.

In Ark Legends, players can look forward to exploring fresh SS Grade heroes, new combat mechanics, a Lite Story Mode, a Hero scoring system, and more. New content for CBT includes 6 new main story chapters along with new maps (Sacred Forest and Boil Blood). Players can also expect to embark on new side quests plus elite challenges to put their skills to the test.

As for the combat system, a new “move to change the orientation of the skill cast” plus class combination systems has been added. There will also be adjusted hero grades and drop rates for players to enjoy on the Syella Train. They can also convert duplicate heroes into tokens.

You can pre-register for Ark Legends to get first dibs when it officially launches. There are currently 500,000 pre-registration registrations at the moment – you might just win Airpods, Amazon gift cards, in-game diamonds, in-game rare iron core, in-game energy and more during the lucky draw.

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