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Apple Arcade in September: Horizon Chase 2, Shovel Knight Dig, and Hanx101 – Effinate Games

More treats are in store for Apple Arcade subscribers as September is almost upon us, and that means a whole month of new games coming to the service. Most months featured two Arcade Originals and two App Store Greats, but September will see six great games join the library over the course of the month.

Arcade originals

Hanx101 Trivia (September 2nd)

First on our list is a quiz game that was made with famous actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks. Players will be tested on multiple subjects ranging from history, math, geography, food and more. The competition can be played between two individuals or in teams.

Horizon Chase 2 (September 9)

The beloved racing franchise is bringing its sequel to Apple Arcade this September. The game will feature 90s-style gameplay with beautiful cars, numerous customizations and a highly immersive experience. And for the first time, online multiplayer will be available for all game modes.

Garden Paths: Match and Grow (September 16)

This is a relaxing match-3 puzzle game set in a garden that brings peace and tranquility. The lawn is full of life with numerous creatures ranging from very common to super rare. As players progress through all that lushness, they will uncover the backstories of these animals.

Shovel Knight Dig (September 23)

Next up, we have a side-scrolling 2D adventure that brings Drill Knight and his ragtag group on another mining adventure. This title will be the first in the franchise to feature high color pixel graphics and audio. Enjoy saving an entire region from collapse when Shovel Knight Dig launches at the end of this month.

Farmside (September 23)

The last original is a farm simulator where players travel to Nemo Island after discovering a letter that talks about abandoned farmland that has been inherited. Players will be able to create a full-fledged farm with lots of delicious plants, orchards and more, combining fun activities with an intricate quest system.

App Store store

GRIS+ (September 30)

The latest game to join Apple Arcade this month is a powerful experience where players are free from danger, frustration and death. It is a very detailed world that explores the life of a young girl as she deals with her grief and pain. It’s a heartfelt journey that will let users feel a ton of different emotions, giving a whole new perspective to life.

Apple Arcade is a monthly subscription service that costs $4.99/month and provides access to a ton of great games.

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