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Apocalyptic MMORPG “Ashfall” reveals World Premiere gameplay – Effinate Games

Ash fall, an upcoming MMORPG shooter inspired by Eastern culture, has just revealed about half an hour of gameplay footage and behind-the-scenes details. The game has not confirmed a launch date, but it is expected to be released in 2023 for PC and mobile.

You can watch the entire world premiere on YouTube, but you’ll have to skip ahead 29 minutes to find the beginning:

Many live viewers were a bit confused and disappointed with the graphics. You may need to adjust your quality settings though, the hosts said the game is still running and it is an MMO after all.

The showcase began with a short trailer, which broadly shows an interesting world that mixes traditional post-apocalyptic designs with Eastern art and culture.

While the premise immediately drew backlash of sorts Division clone, there are also elements of fantasy. Only the video description reveals that players seek the core of creation to save the world after a rogue AI attack.

After the trailer, a truly astonishing revelation was the involvement of Hans Zimmer, who contributed to the score along with the two notable industry veterans Steve Mazzaro and Inon Zur. This definitely resulted in very compelling music, so far.

Unfortunately, the presentation itself was generally quite stiff. While you certainly shouldn’t wing marketing, the live gameplay experience was too staged and even annoying.

It revealed some key mechanics. Players freely explore, interact with NPCs, and repeatedly clear out enemies to loot. There are a variety of enemies including giant spiders, crabs, robots, armed warriors and more. Some of the settings are a little generic, and it would have been better if the game leaned into its eastern influences, which are obviously attractive.

The game looks a bit generic, but it’s still in development and there’s definitely a lot more to see. You can read more about Ash fall and other upcoming MMOs by checking out our news section!

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