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Apex Legends teases Gun Run mode and more in “Beast of Prey” event trailer – Effinate Games

Apex Legends will add a new limited time mode along with a bunch more cosmetics in the new “Beast of Prey” compilation event. The update is due to roll out on September 20. You can watch the full trailer at Apex Legends’ YouTube channel here:

Apex Legends has been struggling deeply lately, with a lot of controversy over HisWattson’s ban, aside from continued issues that seriously affect gameplay.

The anti-cheat system has been almost fruitless, the new battle pass has been disappointing, and the skill-based matchmaking system is still downright unforgivable after years of updates. As a result, the ranked experience remains largely broken for most players.

However, Vantage was a decent addition to the list thanks to her satisfying kit. The ultimate is rewarding and her movement is fair, but neither ability feels too overpowered. Kings Canyon’s return has also been a treat.

Gun Run will be a huge relief that Apex Legends mobile has consistently showcased superior content compared to the core game, which it can barely match anyone actual content.

The new LTM “Gun Run” will act as the Gun Game where kills will swap your weapon for another. But the unique knife-killing concept sounds like a lot of fun indeed. Four squads should be just the right volume for controlled chaos.

It remains to be seen if Gun Run will compete with hits like Winter Express or even Control Mode. Unfortunately, the new mode will only have two cards, just like previous LTMs. That will make the new LTM obsolete very quickly, especially if you’re aiming for themed challenges.

Apex Legends has always needed more game modes and crucial quality of life improvements. But it seems fans are hoping in vain. With Halloween around the corner, Shadow LTMs should return, which is great. But Peak have shown in the past that they have no real interest in making necessary, permanent changes, while charging exorbitant prices for rarely seen cosmetics.

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