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Apex Legends Season 14 will finally host its first event next week, debuting new LTM and Heirloom – Effinate Games

From September 20th to October 4th, Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted will hold its inaugural fundraising event in the form of Beast of Prey. It’s arguably one of the game’s most unique in ages. In addition to special store offers, the event will debut cosmetics based on a massive sci-fi movie series and a limited-time mode that is eerily reminiscent of one from the mobile version. In addition, the Loba net will soon be able to unlock the legend’s own heirloom.

During its two-week run, Beast of Prey will play Gun Run, an LTM similar to Apex Legends Mobile’s Gun Game, but with some twists. The mode features four teams racing to earn new weapons with each elimination they achieve. Once a team has achieved 25 eliminations, they must eliminate one final player with an exclusive throwing knife to end the match. Those participating in the Gun Run will be able to play on two maps: Fragment East from World’s Edge and Skull Town, a retired POI that once stood in Kings Canyon.

Outside of gameplay, Beast of Prey’s Collection cosmetics are said to spawn 24 new items, including skins inspired by Alien and Predator movie franchise. For example, the reveal trailer shows Octane apparently sporting a legendary skin modeled after the Yautja. However, a wildly different cosmetic may be the most remembered. Once players grab all Beast of Prey cosmetics, they will own Loba’s very own Heirloom, a folding fan known as “Garra de Alanza”.

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The in-game store will also receive an overhaul during this time. As the event continues, fans will be able to purchase a handful of rare skins, such as Wattson’s Silver Age, Loba’s Run the World, and Lifeline’s Pirate Queen. While this update won’t fix the current Supply Bin issue, players can expect something else big mistakes to be fixed at launch, such as Newcastle getting stuck after using his Ultimate, and inventories showing the wrong amount of shield cells.

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