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Amy Hennig’s Captain America/Black Panther game teased at D23 Showcase – Effinate Games

Officially revealed during the D23 Showcase, gamers were able to get their first look at the upcoming Captain America and Black Panther game. The game is being developed by Amy Hennig, a well-known video game developer who was responsible for the Jak and Daxter and Uncharted series. Very little information was released about the game, such as what platforms it will be released on, a release date, or even its name. However, there are some things we do know.

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This game takes place in World War II, and it seems that Hydra, a well-known terrorist organization in the Marvel universe, is involved, as their signature hat and a document with their logo on it were seen in the trailer. Another tidbit that was released was that while players can play as either Black Panther or Captain America, there are two other playable heroes you can play as, although their identities have not been revealed. The most we know about them is that one is an American soldier and the other is a warrior from Wakanda. Since they are two of the biggest heroes in Marvel, we highly doubt these will just be generic characters.

The text “soldier” and “spy” were shown at the end of the trailer right after “King” and “Captain.” The latter two terms describe Black Panther and Captain America. So it is likely that the keywords “soldier” and “spy” hint at who the two mysterious characters might be. The word “spy” could refer to Nakia, who is a spy and a member of the War Dogs, an intelligence service for Wakanda. As for the soldier, it is possible that Bucky Barnes might be the other hidden character as he is commonly known as the Winter Solider, but from his appearance it is likely that he will not actually be the Winter Solider that Marvel fans know him as.

You can expect more information about the untitled Captain America and Black Panther game in the coming months.

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