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Among Us releases collaboration cosmetics themed after popular VTuber company HoloLive – Effinate Games

Inner sloth‘s legendary social deduction game Among Us has announced its next big collaboration, this time with the VTuber company HoloLive. This crossover brings a ton of skins themed around the VTuber stars and is a limited time deal that only lasts until December, so don’t miss out!

If you’re not familiar, HoloLive and VTubers in general are a fairly new modern phenomenon. Basically, imagine popular YouTube stars, but instead of showing their faces, they use a 3D animated anime-style character as a replacement for their face cameras. This has become quite a big deal lately and there are plenty of stars for you to fall in love with today.

HoloLive is just one of a few conglomerates that have essentially sponsored some of these stars, and most of the biggest names in the VTuber community fall under their umbrella. This includes big names like Mori Calliopethe grim-reaper-themed pink-haired legend and even Gawr Gura, possibly the biggest VTuber out there. Each of them has a very specific outfit style and these are all represented in these new Among Us cosmetics.

All of the HoloLive stars are represented in these new shoppable cosmetics, including the names mentioned above along with popular stars like the detective Amelia Watson or the dog-like one Crown. This is also kind of a perfect crossover, as much of HoloLive’s popularity can be attributed to how often the gang gets together to stream Among Us. Usually these streams are pretty big events with tons of viewers, so it’s nice to see them get some recognition from Innersloth as well.

Of course, all of these cosmetics will be sold in a Cosmicube, Among Us cosmetic boxes available for purchase. They’ll probably only be purchasable with real-world money, so be ready to whip out that wallet if you want to dress up like your favorite VTuber stars.

If you want to get your hands on some of these new skins and start murdering your friends while dressed as Gura, you can download Among Us right now for absolutely zero dollars at one of the links below!

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