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Alleged GTA 6 hacker has been arrested, turns out to be 17-year old kid – Effinate Games

It’s only been a few days since the massive Grand Theft Auto 6 game leak, but in that time we’ve seen parent company Take-Two’s share value plummet. Now an alleged suspect has been arrested – or, to put it in proper GTA terms, busted.

London police have “arrested a 17-year-old hacking suspect”, as announced by the force Twitter account. “He remains in police custody,” its tweet read. At first glance, this arrest may not appear to be related to the Rockstar hacking incident that resulted in the leaked gameplay, but it’s easy to draw a line between the two. Journalist Matthew Keys claims to have a source linking the 17-year-old to the hacker group Lapsus$, which is the group linked to the Rockstar hack. As keys report on Twitterthat association also links this suspect to a similar series of hacking incidents at ride-sharing service Uber.

So what happens then? The suspect will almost certainly face charges from both Rockstar and Uber, after which he will be sentenced for his actions. Given the age and location of the alleged hacker, such a lawsuit could be truly complex and cut across international lines. Rockstar received a lot of support from other game developers when the leak happened, and they would most likely agree with any legal action the studio decides to take.

Rockstar already issued a statement shortly after the leak happened. The team expressed its disappointment that such unfinished gameplay was seen by so many people, but it also assured fans that the leak would not affect its development plan. Grand Theft Auto 6 may still be a few years away, but it’s good to know it won’t be held up by this incident.

The leak itself was massive, consisting of over 90 gameplay snippets and even source code. The videos confirm reports of the game’s dual main characters, one of which is the series’ first female protagonist. Eagle-eyed fans also spotted details that seem to confirm the Vice City setting.

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