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Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra update is now available – Effinate Games

The Wandering Band has released the free The Lost Tundra update for their flying city builder, Airborne Kingdom.

Originally announced back in August, The Lost Tundra is a huge free update to Airborne Kingdom. The update adds the new Lost Tundra biome, a challenging new region designed for veteran players who have already completed the game before.

The Lost Tundra is a cold wasteland far to the north. Resources are extremely scarce, meaning it should only be attempted when you have an established and stable flying city. Not only are resources hard to come by, but the freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your city’s infrastructure.

Parts can become frozen in the tundra, including critical systems needed to keep your city afloat. This can be mitigated with the new furnace building, but furnaces are heavy and consume a lot of coal, a resource that will be extremely valuable in the new biome.

Anyone brave enough to venture into The Lost Tundra can find new cosmetics, hidden wonders, and new types of resources.

You can find a trailer for the update below.

To celebrate the big update, Airborne Kingdom is there a 40% discount until the 22nd.

You can find an overview (via Steam) below:

Tales speak of a mythical airborne kingdom, a floating metropolis that united all the nations of the world under its banner. One day it disappeared, leaving its allies alone and isolated. Decay and decay soon followed, each being left to fend for himself. Eons later, a glimmer of hope appears: a new floating city takes to the skies to hopefully revive the old stories and unite the warring people of the world once again. Reconnect them and usher in a new era of harmony and prosperity.

Take control of this new sky city and build it from a new town to a bustling metropolis that stretches across the horizon. Travel the skies of the world, seek out resources and opportunities below, find lost temples and deserted cities, complete quests, and usher in a new era of prosperity in the critically acclaimed sky city builder, now available on Steam!

Let there be flight

  • Construct the Sky City, a beacon of hope for the people of the world. Build residences and service buildings, research technologies and gather resources to sustain your community.
  • Face decisive challenges. Balance drag with thrust, lift with mass and of course the dreaded tilt.
  • Pay attention to the people. Citizens need houses, food, medicine and various conveniences. Create the infrastructure to meet their needs and take the first steps towards turning myths into reality again.

A world in need

  • Explore a large, randomized world. Find raw materials and process them into resources needed to expand the city and seek out land-bound kingdoms to bring into the fold.
  • Help the warring earth kingdoms. Complete quests to gain their allegiance, expand your city’s influence, and establish its legacy.
  • Discover the secrets of the first airborne kingdom, explore the skies and seek out secret shrines and forgotten ruins, learn its rich history.

A relaxed experience

  • Build and optimize, explore and help, or just sit back and relax as the floating city makes its way through the sky.
  • Play with the city in creative mode and create the largest floating city in history, free from resource limitations or time pressure.
  • Enjoy a vibrant art style and soothing soundtrack as you restore serenity to a world in need of hope.
  • Reach greater heights with previously released DLC content, including New Game Plus and a Hard Mode

Airborne Kingdom has been available on Windows PC and Mac via Epic Games Store and Steam.

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