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Ahead of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, The Pokémon Company says Nuzlocke runs are OK – Effinate Games

If you like a little extra challenge in your Pokémon training, then you may have taken on a Nuzlocke run in one of the series’ previous entries. Good news: The Pokémon Company is excited to have you running the same in the upcoming Scarlet and Violet versions.

For those unfamiliar, Nuzlocke runs involve a number of restrictions that make completing the game much more difficult than usual: you can only catch one Pokémon per run. area and you must release any Pokémon that faints. Additional rules that some players like to follow include starting over if your team wipes or turns off Exp Share. All of this comes from the mechanics of the game – there is no hacking or cheating involved. Still, the special run was recently called into question.

In a recent episode of Kit & Krysta, Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang claimed that a Nuzlocke run was denied when they were pitched for Nintendo Minute, a show the duo used to produce for Nintendo. They stated that The Pokémon Company considered a Nuzlocke race on par with ROM hacking, and thus the idea never came to fruition. Ellis and Yang also claimed that some content creators were removed from The Pokémon Company’s partner program as a result of the run.

This is not accurate as it turns out. Serebii owner Joe Merrick received a statement from The Pokémon Company clearing things up. “We have no problem with fans/creators playing the games with the Nuzlocke rules,” it clearly states. Obviously, there was some kind of miscommunication along Ellis and Yang’s interaction, but the resolution is the same: The Pokémon Company is cool with Nuzlocke races.

That’s good to hear, considering the next post in the series is coming soon. The release date for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is Friday, November 19. Pre-orders for the individual games as well as the double pack are open now.

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