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ACA NeoGeo Classic Library launches King Of Fighters 2000 for iOS and Android – Effinate Games

Due to SNK and Hamster’s seemingly never-ending quest to port every classic fighting game to mobile through their ACA NeoGeo releases, we can now play the legendary KOF 2000 as well as KoF ’95, KoF ’99 and even Fatal Fury!

If you’re not caught up, the ACA NeoGeo library comes courtesy of SNK and Hamster and are re-releases of classic titles. The library is now pretty massive and we’ve reviewed a few as they are released at least once a week. Fighting game fans especially have many classics to choose from, with the previously mentioned and then some.

KOF 2000 was, shockingly, the year 2000 entry in the popular fighting game franchise, and is still held up today as one of the mainstays of the genre, up there with the likes of Third Strike and other community touchstones. This is due to some revolutionary mechanics and a great cast that expanded KoF ’99’s gameplay.

With all the love the King of Fighters has received especially due to the ACA NeoGeo releases, there’s actually a release order of sorts you can follow now to see how the franchise has evolved over time. While the newer releases likely won’t get mobile ports, at least you can catch up on the older titles and compare and contrast. It gives an interesting look at how the games have grown and how much deeper they’ve gotten over time.

The ACA NeoGeo library itself is a godsend in a world where getting hold of older games can be quite expensive and a pain. So it’s nice to see both SNK and Hamster dedicated to holding on to one of the best times in gaming history.

On top of that, these new releases also have a few modern conveniences built in like online multiplayer, save-states, and training modes, so these are the most definitive versions of their respective games to date.

If you want to try KOF 2000 for yourself, you can check it out at one of the links below for just $3.99! If you’d like to see the full list of other ACA NeoGeo releases, check it out full library!

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