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A pair of new Bayonetta 3 trailers show off Bayonetta’s allies, new gameplay – Effinate Games

Last time we got a Bayonetta 3 trailer, we also got a confirmed October release date. The game is still just over a month away, which means there’s time for another trailer. The latest was shown during September’s Nintendo Direct, and it showed off some of Bayonetta’s stylish moves and helpful friends.

The first trailer begins with a brief recap of the previous two games: first Bayonetta fought angels to regain her lost memories, then she defeated demons to save her best friend Jeanne. In the third game, she will protect the world from the mysterious Homunculi, a group of man-made monsters. She’s not alone in this battle, though: the trailer takes time to focus on returning allies Luka and the aforementioned Jeanne, as well as new character Viola, who players will control a few times throughout the story.

After the Direct wrap, Nintendo released an extra one gameplay trailer dubbed Ways of the Witch. Over the course of nearly eight minutes, we see Bayonetta battle enemies in indoor and outdoor environments using a wide variety of combat tactics. These include a series of summons called Demon Slaves, which come in categories like Wink and Assault. She can also embody the power of demons herself using masquerades.

The video also gives us an example of Viola’s power: she fights with a sword. You can play through the game on a handful of different difficulty levels, so you can set the combat challenge to your comfort level. You can also equip accessories to further enhance this. The trailer shows the Immortal Marionette, which makes combos and blocking easier at the cost of a lower score at the end of each encounter. Bayonetta 3 also includes content settings like Naive Angel Mode, which switches the amount of risque images displayed on screen.

You can play with all these settings next month. Bayonetta 3 is released on Friday, October 28. Pre-orders for the game’s various editions are available now.

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