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A new Sonic Prime trailer shows off a number of different worlds for the Blue Blur to blast through – Effinate Games

Netflix has shared a new trailer for its upcoming Sonic Prime animated series that premieres on the streaming service on December 15. The show is heavily based on the classic Sonic aesthetic rather than continuing Sonic Boom style. The trailer features energetic 3D animation, with the Blue Blur racing across different worlds in a very fluid motion.

The opening scenes of the trailer show Sonic trying to stop Doctor Eggman from grabbing a rainbow crystal, likely Prime’s version of the Chaos Crystal. Sonic is joined by his friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat. Eggman shatters the crystals and sends Sonic to different worlds that feature variants of his friends and enemies. The first showcase for new planets was a futuristic world ruled by Eggman, who has apparently succeeded in his attempts to conquer the world and has turned everything into a dark, futuristic dystopia in his imagery. Sonic’s friends get futuristic make-overs, all with robot parts, with Tails receiving multiple robot arms on his back.

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In the futuristic world, Eggman has teamed up with different versions of himself to stop Sonic. Other worlds include a water planet where all of Sonic’s friends are now pirates. Another world is a jungle planet where Sonic’s friends are dressed as jungle people; it looks like the Echidna clan as seen in the live action Sonic movie. Sonic Prime’s the trailer also has several scenes showing Sonic doing what he does best, going fast and destroying robots. The trailer ends with a hint of Shadow the Hedgehog making his appearance on the show.

Sonic has had several television adaptations dating back to 1993 with Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure. Other notable Sonic TV series include the fan favorite Sonic SatAM, which features the Blue Blur teaming up with freedom fighters to liberate a planet under Dr. Robotnik’s control. There is also the anime adaptation called Sonic X and the animated series ties in with the Sonic Boom games.

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