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A New Playstation AAA IP Might Be Revealed Very Soon – Effinate Games

According to a credible leaker, Sony may be working on a new PlayStation AAA IP. The said IP will apparently be revealed before October. This was mentioned in the Discord channel of The Snitch. They recently leaked It Takes Two port Nintendo Switch Port and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey coming to Xbox Game Pass among others. According to The Snitch, someone on Twitter, who is a very reliable source, informed him of a new AAA IP.

New PlayStation IP?

This is the latest information shared by The_Snitchand you can read their full message taken from Discord below.

Latest message from The_Snitch

Now Insider, another leaker who recently leaked the names of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed games, has come forward and said that they were the ones who informed The Snitch.

According to The Insider, the new IP will be revealed within 2-3 weeks.

What is the new PlayStation AAA IP and who is making it?

At the moment there is no solid information about what the IP might be and who is developing it. But there is one likely candidate: Firesprite Studio, which Sony recently acquired. In a job posting back in March, it was revealed that Firesprite is working on a new AAA horror IP. It was also mentioned that it would run on Unreal Engine 5. Firesprite is also working on the Twisted Metal reboot.

Another possible candidate is Bend Studio, the studio that developed Days Gone. In 2021, Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, shared that Bend Studio is working on a new IP in a Playstation Blog Q&A.

''Bend Studio is working on a very exciting new IP that they’re very, very passionate about. They’re building on the deep open-world systems that they developed with Days Gone. So I’m really happy for Bend Studio.''

Then in June of this year, Bend’s Online Community Specialist, Kevin Mcallister, also revealed in the Playstation Blog more details about the IP, including its multiplayer elements.

''We are currently working on a new IP that includes multiplayer and builds upon the open-world systems of Days Gone, but brings you a whole new world that we are extremely excited to craft for you. We cannot wait to reveal it to you when the time is right.''

Looking back at Insider’s report, the new IP is said to be announced soon. But since the Bend Studio IP has already been announced, it could probably be Firesprite. With that in mind, it could also be another studio under Sony.

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