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20 Minutes Till Dawn launches onto mobile devices at long last – Effinate Games

The successful PC roguelike 20 Minutes Till Dawn has officially launched on mobile starting today thanks to Erabit Studios. Taking a lot of inspiration from the recent Vampire Survivors, this little indie title has you choose from a variety of characters to see how long you can survive an almost endless barrage of demonic enemies while collecting power-ups , level up and use all of the above to try to reach the end of the night. Recently, there has been a whole wave of roguelikes styled in the same way that 20 Minutes Till Dawn is, thanks to the extremely successful Vampire Survivors mentioned earlier. However, 20 MinutesTill Dawn hopes to differentiate itself in one key way, which is to use an actual fully player-controlled way to aim your weapons, unlike its other genre contemporaries, which mostly use an automatic combat style. … [MORE]

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